Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Hole Popping of a Toothbrush Mold for the Dental Industry

Toothbrush Mold Toothbrush Mold Toothbrush Mold

Master Cut EDM, which offers superior CNC small hole EDM services, recently put its leading-edge technology to work to manufacture toothbrush molds. On this project, Master Cut turned to its precision electrical discharge machining to hole-pop the undersized, starter holes, and then used its Fanuc wire EDMs to finish each hole to the final dimensions specified by the client.

Shock-resistant S-7 tool steel, which was created for high-impact resistance at relatively high hardness, was chosen for this project. This incredibly versatile air-hardened steel, which is safe and stable during heat treatment, offers good wear resistance and is able to withstand chipping and breaking. Master Cut EDM ensured the product met the tightest tolerances of +/-.0001" and performed the necessary in-process testing and inspections using Go and No-Go gages. There were 3 different styles of toothbrush and we produced 1,280 holes per each 32 cavity mold. 24 inserts, which were 45 lbs. each, were machined over a two-week period for in-state delivery to our client.

We present additional information on this project below and look forward to discussing your firm's requirements.

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Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Hole Popping of a Toothbrush Mold Project Highlights

Product Description
  • This hole popped and wire EDM'd mold is used to manufacture toothbrushes.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Hole Popping EDM
    • Pop the Undersized Starter Holes
  • Wire EDM
    • Finish Each Hole to Final Dimensions
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • Fanuc wire EDMs
Overall Part Dimensions
  • Length: 10"
  • Width: 8"
  • Thickness: 2"
  • Hole Diameter: Ø.064"
Tightest Tolerances
  • ±.0001"
Material Used
  • S-7 hardened tool steel
In process testing/inspection performed
  • Inspected using Go & No Go gages
Industry for Use
  • Dental
Component Weight
  • 45 lbs.
  • 3,500 Holes
Turn Around Time
  • 2 Weeks
Delivery Location
  • Illinois
Standards Met
  • Customer supplied specifications
Product Name
  • Toothbrush Mold

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